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Taking it Personnel-ly??

During the course of our lives, we have to be able to get along with people we don’t necessarily like.  It happens every day of our lives.  From the time we’re in school and a kid makes fun of us, … Continue reading

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Is That Appropriate At Work?

Maybe I’m PMSing, but I’m in a really piss poor mood today.  I wake up to the cats being annoying, I’ve got a headache that feels like the beginning of a sinus infection, and well, yeah, I’m PMSing (WHAT OF … Continue reading

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Bitterness and Denial in Politics (It’s not just a river in Egypt.)

So, today seems like it’s politics day.  Let’s all jump up & say “hey!!” It seems that we’re still on the topic of the State of the Union speech.  Some people are pretty optimistic, others are neutral and skeptical, while … Continue reading

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