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One Bad Day Effects Everything

After a productive & enjoyable weekend, I’m disappointed to say that I’m just not feeling it today. It’s interesting how life can go from up to down in a matter of seconds. Not saying that my situation is worse than … Continue reading

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Above My Pay Grade

I’ve heard the phrase used several times in movies with regard to why something is secret. I sense that the writers use it to show that those higher up know more about what’s going on than those who do the … Continue reading

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I guess it’s time for me to stop procrastinating about all the events of the day that culminated in a severe depressive state for me by 2pm and hasn’t quite let up yet, despite my efforts to keep my mind … Continue reading

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Prickly is the Best Definition

On topic blog for a change, can you believe it? It’s amazing that I can appear to be in good spirits on my blog when I feel like complete crap in real life! I’ve gotten enough sleep over the past … Continue reading

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Hot Under the Collar?

As someone who works for the state, and has had issues with the temperature controls, because of the layout of our offices, I found this article very  interesting. What’s more is that they interviewed people in the basement, where it’s … Continue reading

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Dangerous Intersections

So, I’m reading the Times Union today and come across this story.  I find it interesting to see it from the pedestrian’s point of view, because in some cases they’re right; drivers don’t pay attention. However, neither do pedestrians!  I’ve … Continue reading

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Trying to Understand

I am REALLY trying to understand this whole issue regarding the Assembly voting on the budget, as well as the appropriations bills.  We’ve been told for the past two weeks that the bills are going to be presented to the … Continue reading

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