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This Nearly Made Me Physically Sick

As an educator, and someone who has sought employment as a teacher/educator in the area, the two most recent stories of sexual impropriety by teachers toward students make me sick! I can’t get a job here because I have prior … Continue reading

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What Do YOU Think?

I know I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been buried by work.  But while looking at during my rarely taken lunch break I found this. News sites reining in nasty user comments I am REALLY interested in your … Continue reading

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Luke Martland (46th District)

As I mentioned earlier, I was at the Gay Pride event this weekend, and I marched for Kirsten Gillibrand. I actually wore a shirt and stickers. I noticed, while I took photos, a banner for Luke Martland for NY State … Continue reading

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Trying to Understand

I am REALLY trying to understand this whole issue regarding the Assembly voting on the budget, as well as the appropriations bills.  We’ve been told for the past two weeks that the bills are going to be presented to the … Continue reading

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Look for Updates Throughout the Day (NYS Furlough/Pay Freeze)

I’ll be updating throughout the day regarding the possibility of furloughs and pay freezes for NYS employees (specifically PEF & CSEA union members).  I am going to try to start with the articles written last week when the furlough was … Continue reading

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Taking it Personnel-ly??

During the course of our lives, we have to be able to get along with people we don’t necessarily like.  It happens every day of our lives.  From the time we’re in school and a kid makes fun of us, … Continue reading

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Is That Appropriate At Work?

Maybe I’m PMSing, but I’m in a really piss poor mood today.  I wake up to the cats being annoying, I’ve got a headache that feels like the beginning of a sinus infection, and well, yeah, I’m PMSing (WHAT OF … Continue reading

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