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One Bad Day Effects Everything

After a productive & enjoyable weekend, I’m disappointed to say that I’m just not feeling it today. It’s interesting how life can go from up to down in a matter of seconds. Not saying that my situation is worse than … Continue reading

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I guess it’s time for me to stop procrastinating about all the events of the day that culminated in a severe depressive state for me by 2pm and hasn’t quite let up yet, despite my efforts to keep my mind … Continue reading

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Prickly is the Best Definition

On topic blog for a change, can you believe it? It’s amazing that I can appear to be in good spirits on my blog when I feel like complete crap in real life! I’ve gotten enough sleep over the past … Continue reading

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Taking it Personnel-ly??

During the course of our lives, we have to be able to get along with people we don’t necessarily like.  It happens every day of our lives.  From the time we’re in school and a kid makes fun of us, … Continue reading

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Is That Appropriate At Work?

Maybe I’m PMSing, but I’m in a really piss poor mood today.  I wake up to the cats being annoying, I’ve got a headache that feels like the beginning of a sinus infection, and well, yeah, I’m PMSing (WHAT OF … Continue reading

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Things That Make Me Smile

Apparently an NYU Business student complained to a professor that said student was asked to leave the class, as he came in an hour late and disrupted the lecture. Student sent professor an email explaining his displeasure, and received a response that only EVERYONE wishes they could properly convey to anyone who is as asinine as this guy. The email gave me a smile and has since helped my mood somewhat. I’ll let you judge it for yourself. Continue reading

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It seems today may not be the best day to blog, as I’m pissed off, but who knows what will happen with the rest of the day. I did see an interesting interview between George Stephanopolis(sic) and former NYC Mayor … Continue reading

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