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What Do YOU Think?

I know I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been buried by work.  But while looking at during my rarely taken lunch break I found this. News sites reining in nasty user comments I am REALLY interested in your … Continue reading

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Above My Pay Grade

I’ve heard the phrase used several times in movies with regard to why something is secret. I sense that the writers use it to show that those higher up know more about what’s going on than those who do the … Continue reading

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I guess it’s time for me to stop procrastinating about all the events of the day that culminated in a severe depressive state for me by 2pm and hasn’t quite let up yet, despite my efforts to keep my mind … Continue reading

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Prickly is the Best Definition

On topic blog for a change, can you believe it? It’s amazing that I can appear to be in good spirits on my blog when I feel like complete crap in real life! I’ve gotten enough sleep over the past … Continue reading

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I don’t blog for a week, and this is what I come up with.

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Rule of Three

I’ve wondered why so many things are classified as a “rule of three.”  Three  strikes & you’re out, bad things come in three’s, etc. (I understand where   strikes come from, just needed another example).  I’ve tried applying the  rule of … Continue reading

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Short Hiatus

It was my full intention to keep up with my posts this week, and to find a different topic for each day, but I was in a car accident on Wednesday which put me out of commission for a couple … Continue reading

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