Trying to Understand

I am REALLY trying to understand this whole issue regarding the Assembly voting on the budget, as well as the appropriations bills.  We’ve been told for the past two weeks that the bills are going to be presented to the Assembly & Senate, but have yet to be.  Upon reviewing the Assembly home page, and the calendar, they gaveled in this week on Monday at 2pm, and gaveled out at 12:35pm on Wednesday.  That’s less than two full days of work.  I had to take two days off due to a car accident, and had to declare them so I would be paid, but now I lose that time.

I’m really trying to see both sides of this issue, but the governor’s empty promises and threats are making it more difficult every day.  The Legislature is making it so frustrating that I feel so much stress that I want to cry every time I read the news, blogs, and their home pages.  They say they understand, but their actions show otherwise.  Why?

I also don’t understand why only two unions are targeted?  I understand that M/C didn’t get their raises last two years, but it was not voluntary, as is alluded to, but it was refused by the governor, because they are not on a union contract.

I’m also trying to understand the difference between furlough and lag pay.  Both do the same exact thing, except the lag pay has us working for no pay, while the furlough at least gives us the day without pay and without work.  It’s not my choice to do this!  Of course a smaller salary will mean smaller amount goes to retirement, but I’d rather be paid fair pay for fair work, and what I’ve earned.  Granted I’ve only been here just over two years, but I’ve earned my grade, but have only gotten two full paychecks at that grade.

All of this talk is simply making employees affected more angry and frustrated, as well as the residents who pay taxes who see state employees as lazy and incompetent because of bad press as of late.  But what about the poor actions of our elected officials?  Bruno, Esparza, Monteserrat?  Granted two are no longer in their positions, but they took and took more.  I’m sure they contributed to this budget problem.

I’m getting to the point where I wish this was just over!  If you’re going to make a threat, then get on with it so we can get on with our lives without worrying about what’s to come.  The words are much like what children are told when they misbehave.  “Just wait until your father/mother gets home.”  That was the most anxious time for a child.  Now our governor is doing the same thing to the employees, but it’s not happening.  There is nothing definitive.  It is all rumor and conjecture right now, because nothing has gone to anyone.  He is talking out of both sides of his mouth, and nothing is getting done by anyone.

Can’t they just do their job?  Encourage them to do so.  A petition is online asking that the Legislature get into session and work on the budget.  Granted, the author got Paterson’s name wrong (go figure), but it’s still a valid request by the constituents.  I signed it.  Will you?

“Continuous Session to Finalize a Budget for New York State”


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I live in the Capital Region of NY, work for NYS, and am just beginning to blog. I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, so that's going to take up some content. I've been writing for as long as I can remember, and I am an opinionated person. Thus there will be some items that burn me up, that I simply want to play devil's advocate, or daily/personal items. I also Tweet (@Marilyth) when the mood strikes me in 140 characters or less. I'm doing this for fun, and I hope other appreciate the information and contribute!
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