Leaders on the Furlough Bill

Kari’s Response I really don’t know how to absorb this right now. It’s frustrating that we find out about this last week, and the legislature goes home after a three day week. Now the governor isn’t even going to give them the bill until later this week (read as Friday). So, state employees who are affected will not know until the 11th hour when their day “off” is next week. More frustrating is that it’s NEXT WEEK! Happy freaking mother’s day, y’all!

Although Sampson & Silver are well known legislators, I will post a link to their information later today.  They too are going on my voting review list for November, and coming elections.

By RICK KARLIN in Capital Confidential blog.
First published in print:Tuesday, May 4, 2010

News that Gov. Paterson plans to include a furlough in next week’s budget extender brought different responses from the two legislative majority leaders, Democrat John Sampson in the Senate and Sheldon Silver in the Assembly.

Sampson said, as distasteful as it may be and despite his belief that its not legal, his members would have to vote for the bill, since the option would be a government shut-down.

“If this Monday the extenders have furloughs in them, I will vote for them,” said Sampson. “My conference will vote for them. I’m not shutting down state government.”

Silver took a different approach, questioning whether the governor could simply order furloughs on his own without legislation, and in somewhat typical fashion, stressing he hasn’t yet seen the bill (Paterson said he would put the furlough plan in a weekly appropriation bill, probably to be issued on Friday which would keep the state operating for another week in lieu of a full 2010-11 budget)

“I think the furlough is within the domain of the governor to manage the state workforce,” said Silver who added “When w see it we’ll deal with it.”

The speaker also noted that there’s a third option to approving a furlough or voting no and triggering a state shut-down: passing a 2010-11 budget. That may be easier in the Assembly, though where majority Democrats aren’t hanging on to a 32-30 seat majority like they are in the Senate.


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