Another Teen Idol Gone

Corey Haim Dec. 23, 1971 - Mar. 10, 2010

I usually get my news headlines by someone saying something in my office, and then going to to check the validity, because you know how that goes.  Today I got bad news from yet another of my teen idols.  Apparently early this morning, Corey Haim died from an apparent drug overdose.

That’s really sad for me, because he had struggled with drugs and alcohol for a long time, and was trying to get his life together.  Apparently he had more problems than the public was aware.  I think that goes to show that even those that are famous have the same problems as regular people, they just have more money to do more harm.

Some of the movies I’ve seen that I will remember Corey Haim for are:

The Lost Boys: I actually read this book before I saw the movie, and when the movie came out with all the up & coming actors, I was so excited.  I think I saw it so many times that I had it memorized.  I got the soundtrack, which got me into INXS, and some other rock bands.  Got me to hear some covers of famous songs, that turned me back on to those artists.  The first time I heard Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me was on that soundtrack.

Lucas: This was by far one of the coolest movies about the really weird kid who tries to get the attention of a girl by joining the football team.  The kid that just tries too hard to be liked.  It’s sad to watch some of it, but turns out better at the end, as most Hollywood teen movies do.  It had Wynona Ryder in one of her first roles, and a young Charlie Sheen.

Silver Bullet: As a Stephen King fan, I loved this movie.  I also love Megan Follows, which is why I watched the movie.  Corey played the younger brother who was paralyzed, and was a pain for his sister to take care of.  It’s scary, fun, and heart-warming at the same time.  I choke up at the end (after they kill the werewolf) when she says, “I love you, Marty. Good night.”

Other films he was in that I don’t remember off the top of my head include:

  • Murphy’s Romance (1985) with Sally Field
  • License to Drive (1988) one of many teen “fast car”, adventure movies.
  • Lost Boys II: The Tribe (2008) This happened to come up on my Netflix instant queue, so I watched it and loved that he made a super secret cameo. Very cool, even though the movie sucked.

Granted he wasn’t the best actor in the world, nor was he in the best movies (mostly B-movies during his career, or teen oriented films), but he is one of those guys that I thought were dreamy when I was a tween.  So, for me, that’s just another of my teen dreams that has gone too quickly.  Safe travels to him, and condolences to his family.


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4 Responses to Another Teen Idol Gone

  1. Traca says:

    I have seen all the movies you listed. Murphys Romance is a big hit in this house so you have to see it. License to Drive is very teenie booper but okay for the period. Lost Boys Two was good in the sense that the head vampire is Angus Sutherland, Keifer’s younger brother, and he is totally edible. Loved the two Coreys in it. They crack me up. I am sorry he is gone. Hopefully he found peace.

  2. great post thanks for the info

  3. What A City says:

    I have a different take on this and I really wished I had the time right now. I’ll go ahead and subscribe and when I have a chance I’ll leave my reply. Great blog by the way. I’m trying to get one going but my programming friend is slacking off on me. Thanks again for your post – Nenita Giovanini

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