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I am going to blame my friend for my incessant blogging of recent.  OK, only three, but I’ve been thinking about issues for several days now, but have only gotten a couple down on paper.  I think I’d pimp his blog here, but I’d want to get his permission first.  Don’t think that would matter much, because no one reads my rants anyway.

Moving on…today I caught up on Kristi Gustafson’s blog and found a post about the news/media coverage of a lost dog in the Capital Region.  I first found the dissenting opinion while reading my friend’s site at All Over Albany I was surprised to see that Kristi had the same opinion, except this time it was not received well.  Check the comments between the two sites.  One has 20 while the other has over 200 and counting.

Now, I didn’t post my comment at AOA because the people who posted, pretty much echoed my opinion, and they also didn’t piss me off, or amuse me, quite as much as those who commented on Kristi’s blog.  But, there was one comment (on Kristi’s blog) that got me thinking about my opinion on the issue presented, as well as my response to the nonsensical bickering between people in the comments.  It reminded me of my time in that Turkish prison… wait, not that…

It did remind me of the old fashioned chat rooms where people would go to discuss their ideas, and have a nice friendly debate.  Friendly debate?  What is this high school?  Apparently not, because debate is not what I saw on the blog.  All Over Albany had some intelligent remarks, and it was even noted by a commenter on Kristi’s blog:

By the way, the All Over Albany discussion of this was far more intelligent. Wonder why.

That was actually a dig at Kristi, but it came off differently to me.  I came to that conclusion around comment #5:

How really sad that you feel this way and worse you need to post about it. I bet if you lost your bag that you wanted so bad you would search for it. It became such big news because there are so many people that actually care about something other than themselves. Hope you never lose a pet and need help….Karma. And as stated on other posts…when a human goes missing there is a different type of search that goes into finding them…mainly law enforcement…FBI. There isn’t that for pets…so other pet people step up and help. How truly sad you don’t care about a loving deaf animal lost out in the cold…sad

In my opinion, it was that point where things went down hill.  So many people were implying that Kristi, herself, was inciting the personal attacks, when in reality it was those who had differing opinions from hers that started the downward spiral.  I will not deny that Kristi gave folks a couple of digs as well, but I would not be happy if people started the personal attacks because of an opinion that I am entitled to on MY OWN BLOG!  I’ve always been a believer of if you don’t like it, don’t read/watch/listen to it.  But like a car wreck, I couldn’t help but continue to read.  It got so ridiculous that I was laughing hysterically at my desk!  Was it humorous, ridiculous, or was I delirious?  No one will know, but at some point I was struck by the urge to comment myself.  In hind site I should have simply put a link here, and written my opinion as such:

I’ve been sucked in by the comments in this blog, because after reading AOA yesterday, I wasn’t sure if anyone else had a similar dissenting opinion. I appreciate seeing both sides of the coin, when they stay on topic. After that it becomes ridiculous (funny ridiculous).

Aside, I read through the comments initially to see if anyone knew (had an opinion on) the “real” reason this specific lost pet got all this coverage, because other posters are correct when the write that the public arenas (TV, radio, etc.) told them, “If we do it for you, we’ll have to do it for everyone.” In my humble opinion, I feel the reason this got so much press is because Shaker Vet has been in the position of “losing” someone’s pet in the past. As I see Sue’s comment earlier about her chihuahua in 1999, it’s reasonable to assume that Shaker Vet, itself, helped to publicize this story.

As a business, Shaker Vet is responsible for an individual’s pet while said pet is in the care of the vet. This is the same if my grandmother, who had dementia, walked out of her assisted living center while people were supposed to be caring for her.

This story helps to “cover the butts” of those who were responsible for Luna in the first place. I know that the social media helps get stories out to the masses, and that’s how I first heard about Luna. I thought it would stop there too, because newspapers, TV, radio, etc. usually have better things to report than a lost dog. At the end of the day, Luna was simply a lost dog.

As hard it is to admit, the local media is not as concerned with these special interest stories as the public may be. That is proven by the comments here, at AOA, on Mark’s blog, etc. I appreciated that the story was circulated, however it seemed to me to get more press than it “deserved.” The reason it got this much press was most likely so Shaker Vet wouldn’t be sued by the family for losing their precious pet. I know that if it were my pet, I would hold them responsible/accountable for the loss of said pet, even if the pet were found.

I’m happy Luna was found. I wonder if Shaker Vet charged the family for the services the vet was supposed to provide (whether it be treatment or boarding). That would also be an interesting story to see as a follow-up. It’s possible it could be in The Advocate section in coming months.

Again, simply my opinion. I did appreciate seeing how people responded to Kristi’s original opinion, and the comments following. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, that’s what I appreciate about those who are different from me. I don’t condemn someone for that opinion, even if it is severely different than mine. I agree with the poster who made the comment to keep things in perspective.

Thanks for your opinion Kristi! It took a lot of guts to put your name and face to the opinion, and comments. The internet is too easy a place to be anonymous. And I know for a fact that people are more bold when hidden behind first names and pseudonyms than they are when they have to put a real name behind what they say. You are bold, and out there. Keep doing what you do. Those people who appreciate your blog will return. Those who do not will go elsewhere. The rest will continue to sit back and enjoy, and hope to one day be COTD/COTW/COTM/COTY! :)

I just doubled the length of my blog by posting my opinion on the previous blog.  It was when I saw the length of this monster comment that I decided I was going to indeed blog about this myself.  What’s amusing is that the story of the lost dog isn’t going to make it here, but how I am coming to write my blog.

Second blog that inspired this wasn’t even my friend’s blog, but his comment on another blog about, you guessed it, this silly dog issue, and how Kristi must hate dogs because she didn’t agree with the amount of media coverage this dog got.  The comment that reminded me I needed to write something was as such:

All of this discussion says less about the media than it does the pathological need for contrarians and cynics on the internet to blow off steam by focusing their negative energies people who just want to find a dog for God’s sake.

Immediately I thought, “I need to get this up!” After all this is Blogging from the Cynical Side.  But the other thing that reminded me was his identification as a blogger, that he too is guilty of posting an opinion that didn’t hold water.  I know for a fact that most of what I write, be it here, or another blog/journal/arena doesn’t hold water.  I don’t know if he has read my self-proclaimed “blog” because he has not commented, nor told me in person, but I think if he does he will find that some of what he says does impact the inspiration of others.

I guess that’s what happens when one has an intelligent argument, or even an inkling of what it means to be yourself, and not have to worry about what other people think.  Thanks for that tidbit of life, Kevin! I don’t do this to make others happy, but to help get things down on paper so I don’t dwell too much on them.

That being said, I’ll only continue to read the comments today, then move on to my next project.  Maybe I’ll feel it necessary to justify my “dislike of the News” as mentioned earlier.  Only time, and inspiration, will tell.


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I live in the Capital Region of NY, work for NYS, and am just beginning to blog. I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, so that's going to take up some content. I've been writing for as long as I can remember, and I am an opinionated person. Thus there will be some items that burn me up, that I simply want to play devil's advocate, or daily/personal items. I also Tweet (@Marilyth) when the mood strikes me in 140 characters or less. I'm doing this for fun, and I hope other appreciate the information and contribute!
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  1. Thanks for the shout-out!

    I can’t help but notice that someone has the same WordPress design as somebody else that someone mentions in their blog.


    • marilyth says:

      Do you realize how long it took me to make this thing!?? I used so many of those silly cut outs that I nearly went blind! I’m such a poser! What else can I say! I could make it pink if you like! LOL!!!

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