Bad Ninja, No Biscuit

I’ve gotta make this one short, because lord knows I can’t stay here past 5pm!  The below is my take on an event that happened the other night, and is not necessarily completely correct, but more writer’s license, since this is certainly NOT literature.

A close friend of mine had a scare last night.  He goes to do his laundry about a block from his house, so as a fit & smart individual, he walks to do this task.  On his way out he sees a man in his driveway.  Not thinking this unusual, as people do tend to walk during evenings and at times get lost, went along with his chore.  Upon returning from putting his first loads in to wash, he saw the gentleman again.  This time the man was “hiding” in my friends bushes.  Of course, as a smart person, my friend called this guy out.  The stranger unceremoniously scampered to another set of bushes outside a neighboring home.  From what I understand, this individual was about as stealth as an elephant in a china shop.  Regardless, my friend was intelligent, and trusting the authorities, called the Troy PD for assistance in investigating this suspicious activity.  Good enough, right?

The story continues, with a slight diversion.

Shortly after my friend retrieved his laundry from laundering, he noticed the stranger was no longer in his neighborhood.  I thought that was a good thing, since it meant that my friends were safe.  Unbeknownst to my friend (and to me), this stranger may have simply been a few blocks away with friends jonesing for some pizza.  Instead of paying for it like normal humans, they decided to just take it from the unsuspecting delivery woman, scaring the crap out of her.  She also informs Troy PD who come and find/arrest the hooligans.  Cool, right?


Had Troy PD investigated the suspicious activity in my friends neighborhood, this second incident may have never happened, but we will never know because the police, whom many of us trust our lives, never showed up.  Yes, my friend who was home at night, doing laundry, reporting like a good citizen, gets stood up by the police for who knows what reason.

You may say they were at the scene of some other event.  Not to my knowledge and public record.  The event my friend speaks of occurred less than an hour, and about a mile from the crime itself.  That tells me that these events were connected in some way.

However, we will never know what might have happened had the police gone to the first call and made an attempt to find out if something was awry.  We can’t begin to assume that the two events were linked or not.  Maybe the kids with their stomach’s full of yummy, free pizza will elaborate on whether or not they stalked my friend for the quarters he carried, and later thought they were hungrier than vending machine food.  I am happy for their decision NOT to rob my friend, but unhappy that they were given the opportunity to rob the pizza delivery woman.  The police should be more vigilant.

Oh, and what’s more, the police station is just a few blocks from where the pizza kaper took place.  What does that tell you?


About Kari

I live in the Capital Region of NY, work for NYS, and am just beginning to blog. I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, so that's going to take up some content. I've been writing for as long as I can remember, and I am an opinionated person. Thus there will be some items that burn me up, that I simply want to play devil's advocate, or daily/personal items. I also Tweet (@Marilyth) when the mood strikes me in 140 characters or less. I'm doing this for fun, and I hope other appreciate the information and contribute!
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2 Responses to Bad Ninja, No Biscuit

  1. Hey folks! That was me.

    I need to reply and state that I would not under any circumstances define my neighborhood as the Troy ghetto. It’s actually a pretty decent area, mostly families. It’s a few blocks down the hill where it starts to get questionable.

    In fact, I take great offense to people that label it as such. Having grown up in a troubled housing project and knowing the areas of Troy that are crime-ridden, it strikes me as preposterous, insulting, and spoiled for people that live in my (and other) neighborhoods to label it as the “Troy ghetto.”

    Civic pride and all that.

    There are other minor details that need to be clarified, but you can read the accounts on my blog:

    The incident –
    The update –

    Thanks for blogging about it! Trust me, though, I’ve had bigger scares in my lifetime. 🙂

    • marilyth says:

      Understood! I didn’t know how else to describe it. I happen to find that area quite nice. Thanks for the clarification. I wasn’t sure if you wanted someone pointing out the ordeal on your behalf. I think my long, drawn-out rant was more that the police didn’t respond, and another event occurred not far from you. I’ll make the adjustment. 🙂

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